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Game Development Workshop

The Game Development Workshop will impart participants with the knowledge of the tools and techniques needed for design and development of games.

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  • Basic logical thinking


Note: Beginners level 

DAY 1:

1. Establish the philosophy behind the workshop to understand what is a program.


2. Understand how instructions issued to a computer are different from instructions issued to a human. Overview of the Ping Pong Game.
3. Creating sprite objects.
4. Access predefined sprite properties and functions.


DAY 2:

1. Write custom functions to animate and move the ball in different directions.

2. Write a function to create edges for the canvas such that the ball bounces back from the edges.

3. Write instructions to create necessary sprites in the game and control it using the movement of the mouse.

DAY 3:

1. Understand the use of for loop.

2. Use ‘for loop’ and custom function of the game.

3. Adding Sound and Animation in the game.

DAY 4:

1. Working on different states(mode) of a game

2.  Display different information on the screen according to the state of the game.

3. Use conditional programming and logical operators to assign different behaviours to the objects in the game depending on the state (mode) of the game.

4. Explore the role of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the design for a web page that can host the game page. Learn about JavaScript libraries and how to use them within our code.

5. Set up a local environment to write and test code using JavaScript.

6. Upload the code on GitHub

Trainer :

Ms. Saumya Srivastava 

10 + Experience in Technical & Engineering Industry 

Output By our students : 

Copy URL and paste on the browser 

1.  https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/NDdNvy_68ApGV4Bx0qgrwS9lmvDq3ViYEtz0djSnpJs

2.   https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/_J3lN9st4_utukLp-aoaeik4pR9zYzS3j0qZMO1LpIA


Course Content

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


Day 3 part 2

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About the Instructor

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