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Here we will be covering Class 1 English syllabus which covers all chapters which teaches the basics of the English subject in a fun and interesting way.

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  • No prior knowledge is required. Students should be attentive during lectures and attempt the quizzes. Also students must ask freely if they have any query.


Welcome to Bring Up Education. 

We have made this course in such a way that students will be able to study with fun. We have followed the latest academic syllabus of Class 1 according to NCERT. 

We have discussed & explain each & every point crystal clearly so that students can grasp it easily. 

After completing the course student will be rewarded with a Certificate  Of Completion from Bring Up Education.

Course Content

A Happy Child(Poem)

 “A Happy Child” which talks of a young girl who happily describes her daily routine and how she enjoys playing all day long.

Three Little Pigs(Story)

This unit has a story “Three Little Pigs” which is about three pigs and their scuffle against a wicked wolf to protect their houses from him.

After a Bath(Poem)

It explains the post-bath activities of a young boy.

The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe(Story)

This unit has a story “The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe” which provides a moral lesson to its readers that proper analysis of a situation is important instead of following others’ advice blindly.

One Little Kitten(Poem)

Poem “One Little Kitten” which mentions a little kitten and the numbers denoting different kinds of animals.


Lalu and Peelu(Story)

"Lalu and Peelu” mentions the beautiful family bond of a mother hen with her chicks. Children also learn the importance of a family and its essence in times of need.

Once I Saw a Little Bird(Poem)

Poem “Once I Saw a Little Bird” in which a young boy happens to meet a little bird by chance that came and sat upon his window.

Mittu and the Yellow Mango(Story)

This unit has a story “Mittu and the Yellow Mango” in which a parrot uses his intelligence and wit to eat a juicy mango from a tree that’s guarded by an aggressive crow.


Poem “Merry-Go-Round” in which a young girl explains how she enjoys taking a ride on the merry-go-round.


Story “Circle” in which a young girl Mohini bonds with her grandmother as she learns to draw different shapes in a circle and its uses.

If I were an Apple(Poem)

The narrator of the poem “If I were an Apple” is a kid, who says that if he were an apple, he would not just stay stuck on the tree. Instead, he would drop down and spread joy by offering himself to be eaten by someone.

Our Tree(Poem)

The poem “Our Tree” explains the process of growth of a seed into a tree. The poem also throws light on the fact that a single tree can bring joy to so many living beings- humans, animals, insects, birds, etc.

Murali’s Mango Tree(Story)

The chapter “Murali’s Mango Tree” is about how a boy, Murali, throws a mango seed behind his house and it grows into a huge mango tree afterward. The fruits of the mango tree are happily eaten by Murali’s kids now.

A Kite(Poem)

The poem A Kite is a short poem being narrated by a little kid. The kid wishes to be a kite so that he would ride upon the breeze.


“Sundari” is a story about a kite, who is named “Sundari” by the one made it, Bobby. Sundari, the kite, wishes to be free so that she can fly as high as possible.

A Little Turtle(Poem)

The poem A Little Turtle has been narrated by a turtle who is introducing himself. He says that he is little, walks slow, carries his home with himself, and goes inside it whenever he is tired.

The Tiger and The Mosquito (Story)

The story The Tiger and The Mosquito is a short moral story. It teaches kids that one should never underestimate others, irrespective of their size, or other qualities.


The poem Clouds explains how clouds bring rain.

Anandi’s Rainbow (Story)

The story Anandi’s Rainbow is a short story about a little girl, Anandi, who wakes up and sees a huge rainbow through her window. She then goes to her garden and colours the flowers in the garden in the colours of the rainbow.


The poem Flying-man is a poem where a kid is amazed seeing the “Flying-man” and asks the Flying-man if he could take him too.

The Tailor and His Friend(Story)

The story is about how the man plays a prank on the elephant and receives a similar reaction from the elephant.


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